Sisal rope climbing furniture from the Bucanas Series from 650,- Euro

For normal, large and extra large cats that enjoy sharing their lying areas and scratching. Specially designed for multi-cat families.

Sisal rope and sisal mat covered climbing furniture from the Pernam Series from 250,- Euro

For normal sized cats which enjoy scratching. Individual models are also supplied for extra large cats.

Natural wood climbing trees from 400,- Euro

For normal sized cats. Individual models are also supplied for extra large cats. Specially designed for cats which enjoy scratching natural wood. Extra sisal scratching areas are available.

Solid wood climbing trees from the Olindo Series from 420,- Euro

For normal sized cats, but is also available for large and very large cats. Made to very high hygienic standards, with easily removable lying areas and easy to clean wooden areas. For cats which enjoy scratching on natural wood and sisal. Weatherproof models are available for outdoor use.

Thatched models from theTropical Series from 765,- Euro

Suitable for normal sized to very big cats. Ideal for testing scratching abilities. Outdoor models are available with artificial grass.

Outdoor models from 350,- Euro

Each series can be supplied as an outdoor model. For cats which like to scratch. Sterile and easy to clean. Available with artificial grass or plastic covering. See also the Olindo series.

Solid wood climbing frames from 720,- Euro

For normal sized cats which enjoy scratching. With hygienic interchangeable lying areas for easy cleaning.
Also available as an outdoor model.

Carpet covered climbing trees and furniture from 200,- Euro

Play and lying trees for normal sized cats. Lower models are also available for kittens.

Carpet covered play houses and tower from 560,- Euro

Playing and lying furniture for normal sized cats. Also available for very large cats. For cats that enjoy scratching.

Spiel- und Liegemöbel from 200,- Euro

für Jungtiere und heranwachsende Katzen

Massivholzmöbel from 700,- Euro

Massivholzmöbel mit Reetdach für sehr große und sehr kratzaktive Katzen. Für hohe hygienische Anforderungen. Für die Aussenaufstellung.

Wall climbing furniture from 770,- Euro

For normal sized cats, but also available for extra large cats. For cats that don´t like to test their claw skills.

Please note:

We would like to protect our customers from copies of our models by other suppliers.
The illustration shows a cheaper copy of one of our models with sisal poles and elements
which are notinterchangeable and also not properly fixed to the model. The covering
in the house area has just been laid in and is not poperly fixed. The roof has also not
been adequately fastened and will easily tip when jumped on. This model is dangerous
and will easily tip over. The base is not big enough or heavy enough to prevent tipping.
The rolls and some of the lying areas are only fastened on one side which make the
whole construction unstable between the three pillars and totally misshape the model.


We have noticed that some other suppliers have use our pictures to advertise their
models, but don´t deliver the high standards that we ensure. E.g. the hollow trees and
mushroom trees are delivered with very low standards are only available direct from us
and are not available at exhibitions or from other suppliers.


Decker climbing furniture is the only producer worldwide that has mastered the multiple techniques of producing the diverse models.t.